The East Wine Cellar was began construction in May, 2010, took about two years meticulously build, and initial invested 45 million, which is the high-end luxury club benchmarking project of the Daliangtaosha Hotel Co.,

The East Wine Cellar is located at NO. 1071Tonghui riverbank Gaobeidian Shengshilongyuan, CBD new developed area; and closes to Guocuiyuan, Qushuilanting, east near Shin Kong Place, Huamao City; west near Gaobeidian high-way and Sihuidong subway; north near the Jinshang Museum. Thus, the East Wine Cellar owns the core location, elegant environment, back of beyond, convenient transportation, and ample parking; floor area is over 3000 square meters, which gathers the wine culture, international cuisine, and fashion art.